Macworld 2007 Braindump

Happy New Year and that means Macworld time.

The short version is new wireless router - Airport Extreme, a TV appliance - Apple TV and the biggest of them all - the long awaited, much anticipated iPhone. The longer version follows.

Airport Extreme

  • Not mentioned at all during the Keynote
  • 165mm square (same size as the Mac mini), 34mm high, 753g
  • AU$259 from the Apple store, shipping in Feb.
  • Looks very similar to the new Apple TV, or a cut-down Mac mini, only it’s all white not silver
  • Features draft 802.11n support in addition to providing backwards compatibility with 802.11a/b/g networks.
  • Apple rates 802.11n at 5x previous speeds on a 5mhz spectrum
  • Includes a built-in firewall
  • No power brick
  • Includes a time-based access control feature. Restricts computers by MAC-address during pre-set times/days
  • Three 10/100 ethernet ports on the back
  • You can plug in a USB disk and share it over the network, using a new app Airport Disk Utility. If only it had two plugs to allow and printer and a USB-drive to be used simultaneously? (Perhaps one could achieve this by plugging in a USB hub, maybe not) Yes, you can add multiple disks plus a printer by using a USB hub (source)
  • All Core 2 Duo Macs have 802.11n built-in, the Airport Extreme box apparently contains software that allows you to enable it

Apple TV

  • Single configuration: 40GB HDD (50 hours of video according to Apple)
  • Intel processor inside, which would mean that it has an embedded OS inside to power the thing. Nice.
  • 802.11n built in
  • No power brick
  • Component and HDMI outputs
  • 197mm square (bigger than the Mac mini’s 165mm), 38mm high, 1100g
  • AU$449 from the Apple Store, AppleCare for an additional AU$69, shipping in Feb
  • Max of 480p, no great surprise as this is the resolution of movies available (in the US) from iTMS. I’d guess this would be upgradeable down the line
  • Can sync with up to 5 computers on the network and share their iTunes libraries through your TV. Excellent feature.
  • No TV tuner, not even an input for a third-party tuner (boo!)
  • Still I want one, just need to get a better tellie first.


  • 115mm x 61mm x 11.6mm, larger than my current brick - Nokia N70, though the proportions are quite similar; much, much thinner
  • Two initial specs: 4GB and 8GB
  • 3.5in LCD touch-sensitive screen, 320x480 at 160 dpi
  • Quad band (850,900,180,1900) GSM, EDGE, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0
  • 2.0mp camera on the back, top left corner. Can’t see an easily visible LED flash or any lens protection?
  • The back looks like hard white plastic It’s metal, though matt not shiny. Think the inverse of the current iPod: backplate is matt, Apple logo is shiny; rounded a little more than the back of an iPod’s metal back is. Thumping silver Apple logo front and centre on the back also
  • Purported 5 hour battery life, 16 hour audio playback
  • Three sensors: one that turns off the touch-sensitive screen when you place the phone up to your ear, one that measures ambient light and adjusts the screen backlight accordingly and another than senses the orientation of the phone (landscape or portrait) and rotates the display accordingly
  • One button, Home. Everything else accessed via the touch-screen interface. I lie, there is a button (switch?) on the side to turn the ringer on/off and a ringer volume slider on the side as well
  • It’s running OS X, note the lack of Mac in front of it
  • The UI seems very intuitive, they haven’t tried to make it all desktop-like like some mobile UIs. They’ve obviously have tried to do something different with this one
  • Available in the States from June, pending FCC approval, likely a given one would assume. Europe release at the end of the year, Asia (I guess this includes Australia) in 2008. Bummer, this things going to be a year old when it lands here
  • The Visual Voicemail feature looks fantastic - though would require some fairly hefty customisation by the service provider to implement. I could see a bunch of pain getting this sorted. Then again with the demand this thing is likely to cause I can’t see how they can’t implement it at Apple’s demands. Snooze you lose.
  • Apple’s added an additional aqua tab to their webpage specifically for iPhone. Shows how important and popular this product is going to be for Apple. Sadly the Australian Apple page is missing this tab, is this a sign?

What’s missing?

  • The new Airport Extreme was quietly released at the same time as the Apple TV, though was not mentioned during the keynote
  • No updates to iLife, yet. Surely they must push out an update for this soon? Or will Apple wait for Leopard
  • No extra details about Leopard - although there’s no telling how much of the iPhone interface will show up in 10.5 when it finally goes gold later this year.
  • The Microsoft Mac Business Unit announced shortly after the keynote that that the next version of Office for Mac will be called Office 2008 and will ship the second half of this year (source)

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