I want a Sony GPS-CS1

For some reason I find myself fascinated by the Sony GPS-CS1, a tiny little 12-channel GPS receiver that ships with it’s own carabineer.

What is it?

The idea behind this wondrous device is that that you can switch it on, clip it to your bag and leave it on as you travel around snapping away on your camera; in the background, the GPS-CS1 proceeds to log your present time/lat/long coordinates every 15 seconds. When you get back home, you can inload your photos, sync up the CS1 over USB then run a small app to marry up the ‘photo taken at’ time with your position as logged by the CS1, result: instant geotagging.

But alas: not for Mac, for now

The only issue is that is doesn’t work with Macs, the silly thing (currently) only runs under Windows and Linux, on which the CS1 can be mounted as a mass-storage device. Once mounted, you can simply browse the device and pick up the proprietary GPS log which can then be converted into geotagging data.

The problem for Macs is that it apparently refuses to mount (more) when plugged into USB. I have no idea why this would be, isn’t USB supposed to be a universal plug-and-play interface?

The good news is it appears that this problem may end up being fixed within a future release of OS X, hopefully in 10.4.9 which is currently in the final stages of pre-release testing. If it is, I’ll probably have to run out and grab one.

RRP is AU$229, though I saw them yesterday in Melbourne Sony Central for a mere AU$165.

update 21-Mar: Apparently the 10.4.9 update for Mac OS X has brought with it native support for the GPS-CS1, though only if you happen to have an Intel Mac (I currently don’t). Happy Days!