Weekend Drive: Part 2

Part 1 of our touring weekend covered the Mornington Peninsula on the Eastern side of Port Phillip Bay, on Sunday we decided to drive down the other side of the Bay and onto the Great Ocean Road.


The Great Ocean Road is widely regarded as one of the better driving roads in Australia, combining some amazing scenery with a challenging drive along the coast and through the dense bush behind it.

Prior to driving it, I had imagined the GOR would follow the coast a little more than it actually does: after the long coastal run from Lorne to Apollo Bay the road digs quite deep into the hinterland around Cape Otway before arcing back to the coast again. Not that I’m complaining though, this section is fantastic drive with much less traffic, combining fast open corners past rolling cow paddocks with tighter closed under-the-canopy sections through rainforest before popping back out onto the coastal plateau to the sight of the 12 Apostles in the distance. It doesn’t get much better.

Weekend Drive: Part 2 - Google Map + Directions

603km travelled. Total of 841km travelled for the weekend.

Looking West

Looking East