Getting into Potter

I’ve managed to stay Harry Potter free for a long time, not reading so much as a word of any of the books and managing to only sneak a peak at the odd movie trailer. Amazing still to think that the first book was released way back in 1997, ten years ago. Beyond the hype, the book releases, movie premieres and massive press coverage, still no Potter for me.

I finally broke down earlier this week, picking up a copy of the first two books and managing to polish off the first within mere days. I generally don’t read fiction – let alone fantasy/fiction – and with six books remaining in the HP series, I dare say I’ll be reading a lot more over the coming weeks/months.

I loved ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’, a great intro that has left me wanting to read on and see what else Harry et al get up to. I liked that the story didn’t leave the reader lingering, nor trawling through pages of over-embellished nonsense like some other authors tend to do, Rowling just gets to the point and runs through the plot as it is. That the book has some sense of closure is especially welcome, I was half expecting it to leave some glaringly important subplots on the precipice to lead into the rest of the series. In the end, just enough was left unresolved to get me well and truly hooked.