No junk mail

Mondays usually mean one thing in our household: junk mail day. The day we open our mailbox and clear out the thousands of Chinese restaurant menus, 10-for-1 pizza offers, real-estate success stories, snake oil pitches, incredulous supermarket pamphlets for this weeks dollar dazzler specials on chuck steak, light bulbs and toothpaste and everything else that’s so thoughtfully deposited into our mail receptacle over the weekend.

Well, not any more. Tiring of this weekly chore we finally decided to do something about it; to fight back, to pull on our best brown cardigan and join the fight for our planet, to hug a few trees and save a few whales. That’s right folks, we installed a sticker on our mailbox proclaiming in no uncertain terms: no junk mail.

Surprisingly enough, it actually works. Who’d of thought? Result!