One Month

It’s now been about a month with our Cooper S, a good time to spill the beans. After specc’ing our car way back in June it ended up being built on July 24th, a week 30 build car. Then began the long journey from Oxford to Sydney with delivery finally taking place on September 14th.


After initially ordering a Pure Silver/Black car with Carbon Black lounge leather, we made a last minute change for Dark Silver/Black with Redwood Red lounge leather, just to make things a little more interesting. Very impressed with the fit and finish of the interior, really makes our MINI something quite special.

Another standout is the transmission, the six-speed automatic. Whilst I do love a manual gearbox, the auto gives the car a different, more liveable personality. Happy to run in bumper-to-bumper traffic in full auto mode whilst still affording the capability for full manual control when the conditions suit. Before ordering we hadn’t tried a Cooper S auto, though we did have a lend of an auto Cooper which is fitted with the same gearbox as the S. The large amount of torque provided by the S engine suits the auto perfectly and doesn’t hobble the performance like many automatics can do in other cars. Another thing I like about this gearbox is that it shifts down and blips when braking into a corner, whilst the timing is not always perfect, it’s still something I’ve never experienced with an automatic car before and is a very welcome inclusion.

No problems experienced so far (touch wood), just can’t get over how brilliantly it handles and how much poke it has when conditions call for it. Can’t wait to get it onto a track somewhere and have a real go.