Macworld '08 views

Yes it’s that time of year, christmas all over again!

MacBook Air

After reading the rumours, I honestly didn’t believe for a million years that Apple would name their new ultra-portable notebook the ‘MacBook Air’. But they did..

Name aside, I love the concept and could see myself getting one, though only as a second machine and only if there was a cheaper SSD option. I could probably justify forking out for a 32GB SSD if it was about half the price of the 64GB SSD - but AU$1,400 - forget it. We can only assume that this issue will eventually go away as these drives become widely available, production is ramped up and prices begin to tumble.

The combination of SSD, lack of fragile ports and small size/weight would make it a perfect, extremely durable travel companion or commuting machine.

Other Announcements

The addition of extra apps - Mail, Google Maps, Stocks and Weather - à la iPhone - to the iPod touch is great news, that you have to pay for the update when the install package apparently weighs in at a massive 9kb - which would suggest that the apps already exist within the ‘free’ 1.1.3 firmware - is perhaps a little harsh, though apparently them’s the (accounting) rules.

Apple TV 2.0 seems a very solid update to the existing product, though I’m annoyed that we still can’t buy (let alone rent) movies in Australia. Integration with Flickr is pretty sweet, can’t wait to try this out in person.

Time Capsule is something I’m definitely going to take a closer look at. When it was announced that Leopard’s time machine could backup to a remote disk plugged into the new AEBS, I almost bought an AEBS + a big USB drive on the spot. Glad I waited. That this feature was subsequently pulled from the final version of Leopard only for Apple to announce a new ‘product’ featuring this same feature a few months later is disappointing; I’m assuming that they ran into some kind of problem with writing to USB drives over wifi? That said, the tight integration of the internal drives and base station, combined with the low entry price for Time Capsule makes it a pretty solid product.

As mentioned above, movie rentals - whilst great to see - are not tangible for us lowly Australians. More interestingly was the announcement that some studios are going to start including an iPod compatible version of their movies onto retail DVDs, aka Digital Copy for iTunes. Buy the disc, import a ‘legal’ copy straight to your Mac, iPod, Apple TV via iTunes. I love this feature, having digital copies of movies catalogued in iTunes just makes so much sense.