Jumping into Aperture

So I broke down and bought Aperture last week. I’d been using the downloadable demos for both it and Adobe’s comparable Lightroom on-and-off for a while now, though I could never bring myself to purchase either. I came pretty close to getting Lightroom quite a few times, though each time I couldn’t quite justify the high entry price. Aperture, on the other hand, just seemed too clumsy and counter intuitive to even consider seriously, and even that’s ignoring how slow the whole thing was.

Then Apple went and released Aperture 2. Using the demo for the first time and trying all the new features was like using Lightroom for the first time, brilliant stuff. I guess it speaks for itself that I ended up buying it.

I love the keyboard shortcuts, the speed at which I can cut through tagging a large volume of shots in quick succession; plus the benefit of being compatible with the ever excellent and free FlickrExport lite. This and the price reduction sold it for me.

Still on a steep learning curve and I still need to work out my archiving strategy. Up until now I’ve been backing up all my iPhoto libraries to CD/DVD (One for home, one offsite) using the Share > Burn option within iPhoto, then deleting those photos I’ve backed up from my library.

Aperture doesn’t, to my limited knowledge, seem to have a comparable function to archive Masters. I initially thought I could use Vaults, though to me they seem to be more of a secondary backup solution than a true Archive & Remove solution; I guess I could just burn my Masters folders or export a Project then burn it from the Finder or use one of the Automator actions floating around that provides some automation, though both of these seem a little too manual by comparison.

Anyone got any suggestions? Email me.