MINI Challenge, Round 1

Went along Eastern Creek on last Sunday to see the inaugural round of the Australian MINI Challenge.

mini challenge

All things considered, it was a brave move by MINI Australia to even think about staging this series in a country that sells only a relatively small number of cars, not to mention making a commitment to run it for a minimum of five years. Seeing all 16 MINI Challenge cars lining up for the first race of the day was a truly a sight to behold.

mini challenge

Looked like good fun out on the track with a couple of great battles to keep things interesting. Watching the cars into the long braking zone for turn 2 from the fast sweeping turn 1, then accelerating hard out of turn 2 was brilliant. Can’t wait to seem them in action again.

Next round is at Wakefield Park, April 5th / 6th.