On track


This past Tuesday I took the MINI out to Eastern Creek for a workout. After being grouped according to experience, we were let loose in what was the first of many twenty minute sessions around the track.

Just before lunch I was lucky enough to have instructor Anthony Robson in the car with me for an entire session, showing me the proper lines, encouraging me to go much, much deeper into each corner and to use every inch of the track on the way in and out of them. The difference this made to my day was incredible, once I’d gained some confidence in the car, knew a little more about what lines to take and got used to how just how well it braked and turned in, it was a revelation.


The car held up very well over the day: the tires took a bit of a beating but not as much as I’d been expecting; the brakes are in amazingly good nick, still firm with a short pedal; the gearbox (steptronic auto) was surprisingly good around the track, I continually found I could make up some good time on other cars down the first half of the main straight as they were changing up through their gears. Fuel consumption wasn’t amazing, I went through an entire tank in just over 200 kms, about 19l/100km (14.7mpg).

Favourite part of the track was definitely turn 4 and 5, so much fun to brake hard down the hill, throw the car in and let if drift over the short hill before a quick brake then flat to the floor up the hill and into turn 6. Wow.

Definitely hooked, can’t wait to do another one.