A weekend in May

Warrawee path

Saturday morning walking the neighbourhood with Nellie, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying what has to be the best time of the year in Sydney. Coffee and “tebirkes”, then the return walk home. Afternoon spent with more trips to the hardware store to pickup a new laundry hanger to install in the… er… laundry followed by a big helping of Nellie’s famously incredible spag bol.


Sunday spent doing some much needed decluttering, putting some junk into storage and returning some of our moving boxes. Caught with mum as one does on Mother’s Day and managed to avoid the TV and internet for fear of ruining a late afternoon spent watching qualifying for tonight’s Spanish Grand Prix.

Also managed to finally sort out a new camera mount for the MINI a.k.a. a length of aluminium angle with a couple of holes drilled into it, though it is amazing how accurate those holes just have to be to make it work right. Gets installed between the rear seats using the headrest posts to secure it. Can’t wait to try it our next weekend.