Aperture Three-Oh

Apple this morning announced the next version of their pro-photo workflow app, Aperture 3.0.

Aperture 3.0

Lots of new features, I particularly like that it now supports presets (preset adjustments) and the new brushes function looks pretty slick. This version also gets the iPhone ‘09 Faces and Places features added, Places gets some additional functionality to support importing GPS tracks and another function to use GPS data slurped from iPhone photos, without necessarily importing the iPhone photos themselves into your Aperture library. 3.0 also supports importing and storing video files (like iPhoto), it even has a nifty feature to easily extract a jpg screenshot from captured video and another to easily separate audio+video tracks.

Nothing seems to have been done about my big bugbear with Aperture: lack of native ability to backup to physical media (i.e. DVD) with any ease. There are a couple of plugins that do this, I just wish it was as simple as the way iPhoto does it.

That said, I’m really looking forward to installing this update.