Weekly Update 2018.01

 Healesville Golf
Our old Golf, Healesville VIC 2012.
Olympus Infinity Stylus (mju) on Fujicolor Pro 400H.

Back in Sydney and its heat, humidity, and epic afternoon southerly changes.

We’re still awaiting the arrival of our things from India, still living with whatever we brought with us, had left behind in storage in Melbourne, or have bought since arriving home in Sydney. Hopefully next week our air shipment will arrive, everything else is on the slow boat which should only be arriving in early February.

Honestly not really missing all that much. Number one is our coffee machine. Already tired of take away coffee or resorting to drinking instant. It can’t come soon enough.

Spent much time this past week rejigging our home internet and TV setup. For a long time we’ve had a 50in Panasonic plasma 1080p TV, though when it was heavily discounted after Christmas, I jumped on an upgrade to a 55in LG OLED 4K TV. This thing is insane: lightweight, blacker-than-black-blacks, thin as anything, low power usage, 4K HDR etc. It’s now up on a VESA mount on the loungeroom wall, seriously happy with it.

After living on LTE for a few weeks, we finally have a somewhat decent home internet connection. I’m impressed how much Telstra’s home gateway has moved on in recent years. We’re on one of their newer Technicolor models, which includes a pre-activated LTE sim just in case the primary cable connection goes down, which also handily filled the void between when we received the modem and our HFC cable connection being provisioned. Interestingly the gateway also acts as its own Telstra Air access point out of the box, sharing our unlimited connection with whomever walks past sniffing for open access points. Not sure if we’ll keep this config for long, though there really isn’t much too wrong with it.

Links of note:

  • Let My People Go Surfing Video 1m45. Currently reading this book and really enjoying it. Recommended.
  • Unbroken Ground Film 26m. Another reference from the above mentioned book, this time a short film about Patagonia’s efforts to expand into the food sector.