Cars & Coffee, April 2018

Went along to a meet organised by the BMW Drivers Club NSW and NSSCC the other Sunday morning.

Alfa 4C and Lancia Delta Integrale
Integrale vs 4C

Near perfect weather meant there was a pretty good turnout. Lots of cars were arriving and leaving throughout the time I was there, so had to get some photos in quick.

Datsun 1600 Datsun 1600 Datsun 1600
Nice Datto on watanabes
Fezz 488 GTB and Alfa 4C
One of these has a full carbon-chassis, the other is a Ferrari 488 GTB.
Toyota Crown Toyota Crown
Toyota Crown Coupe
Bristol 410 Bristol 410
Bristol 410

Highlight of the meet for me, this thing. I think the headlights and two spoke steering wheel make it a 410, though I’m not completely sure. A Bristol of this vintage is one cars of my dream garage cars. I’m not exactly sure why, I just have a massive soft spot for them.

BMW 02 Represent
Two tidy 2002s
Alfa Giulia Sprint GT Alfa Giulia Sprint GT Alfa Giulia Sprint GT
Very neat (practically brand new) Alfa-Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce weapon
S14 Goodness
BMW M4 GTS 8er, wheels and badges
Frozen Dark Grey Metallic BMW M4 GTS; BMW 8er on Alpina rims

First production GTS I’ve seen, so happy to see those OLED taillights once again.

916 and The Skittles
993 vs 964