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Day 48: Dismantling

Made the fateful decision back on on 18 Nov (48 days ago) to take the 2002 off the road and start the restoration that had to happen.

  • Ugly

Activity so far has been about taking as much off the car as possible in an orderly manner. Aim is to get the body shell all set for an overhaul, some new panels and some new paint.

Rear suspension is off, working to remove the rear subframe. Interior is just about stripped, lots of tidying of the under dash wiring loom needs to be done.

Very aware that lots of these projects get off the ground only to falter, leaving nothing more than a collection of boxed parts.

Wish me luck.

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Suspension overhaul

Started pulling the rear suspension apart this afternoon.

  • An afternoon's work

Right is largely done, left underway. Everything is caked in oil and dirt, looking forward to getting it all cleaned up and back together.

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