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Motorclassica 2015


Great to see Motorclassica continue to thrive. Tonnes of manufacturer support this year, with stands from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, Alfa-Romeo, Maserati, Citroen, Ferrari… Without a stable motorshow in Australia, Motorclassica seems to hit a sweet spot for showcasing these historic marques to their most enthusiastic followers and customers.

Special mention to BMW for having two concepts on display: their 3.0 CSL Hommage concept and M4 GTS concept; Mercedes-Maybach for showcasing their new S600; and Porsche for bringing a 991 GT3 RS to the show.

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Classic Japan 2014

My photos from the Classic Japan 2014 event held today at South Yarra’s Como Park.

Prince Skyline GTB
Prince Skyline GTB
Honda S600
Honda S600

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Motorclassica 2014

Some photos taken on Saturday at this year’s Motorclassica event.

The main hall at Motorclassica 2014
The main hall, Motorclassica 2014

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How Melbourne Found its Laneways ▶︎

Forward thinking urban planning:

“The real strength in the policy was that the state government took a long-term view, setting requirements for a 30 per cent active frontage on all new-build or major renovation projects in the retail core of the city. This was a game changer for the city centre: the active street frontage policy encouraged relatively small tenancies.”

Props too for Crown Casino and one Jeff Kennett.


mk I

Loads of stanced mkI’s in attendance. More shots up on Flickr.

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Caught in the rain

F40 vs 550

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A new skyline

A new home south of the border. Landed on Saturday, currently getting everything settled. Have a few weeks to find a place to stay and to organise some transportation.

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