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Try before you buy

  • MINI Challenge

Went along to the MINI Challenge Roadshow event at Sydney’s Oran Park Raceway last Thursday. The event was designed to showcase the MINI Challenge series and racecars to drivers and potential sponsors that may have been thinking about joining the burgeoning series. A really well organised day that had me seriously thinking dreaming about ways to raise a budget to get into one of these great little machines for the ‘10 season.

  • MINI Challenge

The highlight of the day were the track sessions where potentials could get behind the wheels of a MINI Challenge car for a handful of laps around the GP circuit, I can’t think of a single other category that provides a similar opportunity to borrow a car for minimal outlay. Really impressed, my mission now is to get my CAMS licence sorted so I don’t miss another opportunity like this one.

Had a terrible time trying to take photos of the event around the track, everywhere I put myself I was being attacked by dive-bombing magpies. They were fine when I had my head up and kept facing them, but the second I put my head down and looked through the camera viewfinder…

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