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Sounds of 2020

What a crazy year. As I write this Sydney is heading into a strict lockdown after a major COVID-19 outbreak centered around Avalon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches (just down the road). After things were just starting to stabilise into our new normal, we’re headed to another period of lockdown over summer. But I’m not here to talk about the weather.

This past year I’ve found myself listening to more music than usual. Home alone, sitting at my desk, missing the hum of an office, I have instead played a couple of albums on repeat over and over again at a low volume. For deep work, I have stuck with just two albums that I now know back to front and inside out. So here we go…

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A rash of karaoke bar shootings in the Phillipines have been attributed to patrons singing Frank Sinatra's classic 'My Way' ▶︎

“The trouble with ‘My Way’, is that everyone knows it and everyone has an opinion.”

So much so that, according to the article, the song has practically been banned from song lists in that country.

2009: The music

Better late than never, time to crank out some stats for 2009. First up, music.

Compared with last year’s graph, 2009 was a little sporadic, especially the second-half. I spent most the year listening to podcasts or watching video rather than listening to music, with a major exception being when I was out running.

2009 in music - Part 1

2009 in music - part 2

Graphs produced by the ever excellent LastGraph using my scrobble stats.

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2008: The Music

2008 in music

Here’s our listening for 2008, as graphed by the excellent LastGraph using data we submitted (scrobbled technically) to over the course of the year from iTunes, our AppleTV and my iPhone.

I love how it increases sharply in July/August as I start using my iPhone and how everything dies out in November when we moved, then picks up again sharply as we started getting settled into our new place.

Best viewed laaarge

PS: I’ve switched comments back on, plus you can now use your Facebook account to sign in and add comments as well.

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