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Weekly Update 2018.01

 Healesville Golf
Our old Golf, Healesville VIC 2012.
Olympus Infinity Stylus (mju) on Fujicolor Pro 400H.

Back in Sydney and its heat, humidity, and epic afternoon southerly changes.

We’re still awaiting the arrival of our things from India, still living with whatever we brought with us, had left behind in storage in Melbourne, or have bought since arriving home in Sydney. Hopefully next week our air shipment will arrive, everything else is on the slow boat which should only be arriving in early February.

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Losers and Closers ▶︎

I had my annual performance review at work yesterday and the whole time I kept thinking about this video.

While I love a good productivity hack and think of myself as a generally productive person, I know I can do better. Being better would mean always following through, to Always Be Closing, to communicate more openly and more honestly at work when things are not working out. Especially when I’m waiting for something or someone to allow me to close.

2016 is to be the year to deliver, close, and do better 🔥.

This is up there as one of my all time favourite Casey Neistat videos.

New kicks

New Kicks

The end of an era. I’m moving from the 1U675 chocolate monochrome All Stars I’ve been wearing since 2006 to the more easily sourced black monochrome.

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Rose, four months

  • Rose

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Country drive

Country road

Early morning drive to the Victorian countryside.

Tree-lined country road

Wet boots



Golf country

Just cracked 1,000km. Almost run in.

Rolling hills

Photos 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 taken by NK.

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Apple photo books

Ordered some photo books through Apple, very impressed with the quality.

Title page

Back dust jacket

Full bleed

Something a little more permanent than digital photos.

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I’m sold on this whole eBook thing, picked up one of the new Kindle models: basic, no 3G etc - all you’d ever need.

How to Count

The screen is incredibly clear. I like how the page tuning buttons only work when pressed from above, not from the side. I like how it fits into my jacket pocket for my commute into work.

Recently read Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography; currently reading How to Count (Programming for Mere Mortals).

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Saturday drive

Went for a drive this morning down to Apollo Bay via Bells.

Drive map

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Looking back, looking forward

  • Malaysia

  • Malaysia

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Last one

  • Last one

Really glad I finished my course of antibiotics tonight. Amongst other things, side effects said to include “unclear thinking”. Indeed.

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Things are a little quiet around here on account of us moving apartments and not having teh internets connected as yet.

Much to post about: a sombre trip back to Oz, life with an iPad, moving, quitting Facebook, a new Mac at home and a weekend in Bangkok. We have an install appointment scheduled for September 18th (fibre! done!), so hopefully things will pick up from there.

Many photos to post, many stories to tell.

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So here we are

If you haven’t heard, we’ve moved to Malaysia for a couple of years.


Been here just over a week so far: loving the weather; finding the locals are extremely friendly and hilarious; work is both challenging and exciting; and the food is out of this world, there’s literally nothing you cannot get over here. Haven’t had much time to take too many photos (hence the recycled shot above), though plans are afoot to rectify this situation asap.

Stay tuned, stay in touch.

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