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Some books I’ve recently read, in no particular order:

There’s a common ‘productivity’ and ‘less is more’ theme through all of these. Seems to be working out for me, feeling much better on low information diet, making sure I get as much fresh air as possible and culling a tonne of stuff at home.

Really getting a kick out of reading on my Kindle and more recently on that bigger iPhone screen, looking forward to seeing what Apple ends up releasing tomorrow morning.

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I’m sold on this whole eBook thing, picked up one of the new Kindle models: basic, no 3G etc - all you’d ever need.

How to Count

The screen is incredibly clear. I like how the page tuning buttons only work when pressed from above, not from the side. I like how it fits into my jacket pocket for my commute into work.

Recently read Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography; currently reading How to Count (Programming for Mere Mortals).

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