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Background Looping Video for Increased Productivity?

The other weekend I picked up a LED TV to use as a monitor in the office at home. My plan is to use it to loop videos (muted) in the background while working, something that I find makes me concentrate more than just sitting all alone in a quiet office.

For a while I’ve used my iPad Pro in a similar way, though recently became inspired to install something more permanent by a certain Casey Neistat and his The Godfather on a loop studio setup.

Home Office Setup Close-up
New TV monitor mounted on the office wall.

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Bits & Pieces


Picked up the ultimate screwdriver set this weekend, this thing has everything: hex, torx, sockets, a bendy bit, 90° angle, plus the usual slotted/phillips bits - everything! Also picked up a shiny new cordless drill (not pictured). It’s gotta be a good weekend when a visit to Bunnings is on the agenda.


One the the MINI’s new-ish tyres is looking a little secondhand after that run around EC back in March. Those cracks in the tread blocks shouldn’t be there. Might have to get onto rotating this puppy soon before it degrades any more.

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