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Volkswagen Driving Experience



Took part in the “Volkswagen Driving Evolution” course yesterday at Phillip Island. Good fun, especially because it was so wet.

Recommend doing it.

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Golf parked up

Back when the Golf was a few weeks old, I think this was Oct ‘11.

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mk I

Loads of stanced mkI’s in attendance. More shots up on Flickr.

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Polo Dashboard

Since it’s last fill, I’ve been attempting to hypermile the Polo to see how low I get it’s fuel consumption. Not doing anything too hardcore: just running without a/c whenever possible, keeping the revs below 2,000 and throwing it into neutral down a few of the bigger hills on the commute to work.

In the 7 months or so we’ve had it, the average fuel consumption has been hovering around 6.2L/100km with a PB of 5.8 on a drive up to Penang. All will be revealed at the next fill-up…

update 25 Jul 2011: 5.5L/100km - a new record! (581km / 32L)

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On the road once more

  • MY11 Polo 6R 77TSI DSG

Finally got ourselves a car here in Malaysia, a Candy White VW Polo 77TSI DSG. Picked it up on Xmas Eve and have been driving around ever since. Below is a video of me driving into work for the first time in it on Monday morning, sped up x4.5 😁

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