Sounds of 2020

What a crazy year. As I write this Sydney is heading into a strict lockdown after a major COVID-19 outbreak centered around Avalon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches (just down the road). After things were just starting to stabilise into our new normal, we’re headed to another period of lockdown over summer. But I’m not here to talk about the weather.

This past year I’ve found myself listening to more music than usual. Home alone, sitting at my desk, missing the hum of an office, I have instead played a couple of albums on repeat over and over again at a low volume. For deep work, I have stuck with just two albums that I now know back to front and inside out. So here we go…

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Cars & Coffee, April 2018

Went along to a meet organised by the BMW Drivers Club NSW and NSSCC the other Sunday morning.

Alfa 4C and Lancia Delta Integrale
Integrale vs 4C

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Weekly Update 2018.01

Healesville Golf
Our old Golf, Healesville VIC 2012.
Olympus Infinity Stylus (mju) on Fujicolor Pro 400H.

Back in Sydney and its heat, humidity, and epic afternoon southerly changes.

We’re still awaiting the arrival of our things from India, still living with whatever we brought with us, had left behind in storage in Melbourne, or have bought since arriving home in Sydney. Hopefully next week our air shipment will arrive, everything else is on the slow boat which should only be arriving in early February.

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Four days taking in the sights of India’s most populous city.


We spent the recent Diwali long-weekend soaking up the sea air and sunshine in Goa.

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