Chris Bevan

Cars & Coffee, April 2018

Published Apr 20, 2018

Went along to a meet organised by the BMW Drivers Club NSW and NSSCC the other Sunday morning.

Alfa 4C and Lancia Delta Integrale Alfa 4C and Lancia Delta Integrale

Near perfect weather meant there was a pretty good turnout. Lots of cars were arriving and leaving throughout the time I was there, so had to get some photos in quick.

Datsun 1600, front wing Datsun 1600, front quarter Datsun 1600, rear quarter Nice Datto on watanabes

Fezz 488 GTB and Alfa 4C One of these has a full carbon-chassis, the other is a Ferrari 488 GTB

Toyota Crown, front quarter Toyota Crown, rear quarter Toyota Crown Coupe

Bristol 410, front Bristol 410, rear Bristol 410

Highlight of the meet for me, this thing. I think the headlights and two spoke steering wheel make it a 410, though I’m not completely sure. A Bristol of this vintage is one cars of my dream garage cars. I’m not exactly sure why, I just have a massive soft spot for them.


BMW 02 Represent Two tidy 2002s

Alfa Romeo Sprint GT, front qtr Alfa Romeo Sprint GT Alfa Romeo Sprint GT, rear qtr Very neat (practically brand new) Alfa-Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce weapon

!S14 Goodness

BMW M4 GTS 8er, ALPINA wheels and badges Frozen Dark Grey Metallic BMW M4 GTS; BMW 8er on Alpina rims

First production GTS I’ve seen, so happy to see those OLED taillights once again.

916 and The Skittles

993 vs 964